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What Do Your Bathroom and Facebook Have In Common?

Published November 9, 2010

Both are non-negotiables in a Bicycle Retailer’s marketing plan.  Today the market requires both a mastery of bathrooms and the art of super niche social media, among other things.  Properly played both can be brand celebrations of your specialty retail shop.

Of course location, personnel, finances, product lines, etc. are critical but if you had all of those wired and didn’t have a cool bathroom and Facebook you may be doomed to the ranks of dealers who have already swirled the IBD drain.

#1: Bathrooms

In a previous life I worked in the music business and was lucky enough to work with an act that approached national status. That meant you opened for a major act in front of 18,000 adoring fans one night and the next you were relegated to a 3000 seat club that acted as a human corral of booze, blow and beligerence. Kind of anti-climatic.

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