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Iowa City Broadcasts Ready to Pedal

Published May 5, 2009

BOULDER, CO (BRAIN)—In conjunction with their Bike to Work Week, City Channel 4 and CoralVision Channel 5 in Coralville, Iowa, will be broadcasting the video content from Growth Cycle's new Ready to Pedal DVD for the next two weeks.

World of Bikes owner Ryan Baker in Iowa City bought 500 of the DVDs (subtitled Ride More, Drive Less, Here's How) back in February. Owner Dan Nidey, who works with the local advocacy community, then bought 100 more with city funds to promote Bike Week.

"We really like the 50 video tips on the DVD," Nidey said. "We think this is just the right kind of basic information to get people started riding around town." World of Bikes will be mentioned at the end of each broadcast as a source of the DVDs.

"This is just the kind of partnership among advocates, retailers and municipalities we were hoping to get started when we conceived Ready to Pedal," said Growth Cycle president Ray Keener.

To see an online demo of Ready to Pedal, click on link.

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