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Tomac Adds Vanish to Lineup

Published September 21, 2009

LAS VEGAS, NV (BRAIN)—Tomac has introduced the Vanish 160 for 2010—an all-day pedaling bike for the roughest of terrain.

"The reason why we launched this bike is for three reasons," said Joel Smith, owner of Tomac. "We have a new suspension system and it works well in longer travel applications. There is some terrain that is just too rough for a Snyper and not rough enough for a full blow DH bike like the Primer. With some new tube butting profiles we developed for the Snyper, we are able to build a relatively lightweight 160-millimeter bike."

The frame weight is 7.8 pounds with a Fox RP23 shock. It's made from 6069 aluminum with custom butted top, down and seat tubes.

"We are trying to grow the business for 2010," Smith said. "We increased about 15 percent this year and hope to do about the same for next year. We will see. It’s hard to progress like you want to in this economy, but so far things have been going well."

Catch up with Smith and see the new Vanish at OutDoor Demo today.

—Jason Norman

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