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NiteRider Introducing New Models for ‘11

Published June 3, 2010

SAN DIEGO, CA (BRAIN)—Amongst the highlights of NiteRider’s line for 2011 are two new additions—the MiNewt Cordless 150 and 250 (both pictured).

The biggest difference between these lights and the regular MiNewt is the fact that it’s an inclusive one-piece light. “So for the commuter, or for someone that just wants to pull it off their bike real quick,” said Mike Ely, director of sales and marketing for NiteRider. The 150 (white color only) retails for $99, while the 250 (black color only) retails for $129. Key features include high, low and flash settings, low battery indicator and USB rechargeable.

“The reason why we did [this light] is because the technology has caught up to where we can essentially put everything in as one,” Ely said. “As a handlebar light this may be the way to go.”

For commuters looking for a colorful “be seen” light at a reasonable pricepoint, NiteRider is introducing its Lightning Bugs, which will come in a plethora of colors and three different versions. Retail is $11 - $20. NiteRider will also have a new taillight called the Stinger, which is designed to fit aero posts as well. It will retail for $20.

“I’ve unofficially dubbed [our 2011 product line] as more bang for your buck,” Ely said.

NiteRider has increased its MiNewt Mini lumen output to 150 while lowering the retail from $99 to $89. The Plus version that comes with a helmet mount drops in price from $129 to $109.

“What we’ve done with this light, and with the whole line for that matter, is increase light output, increase features to nearly every light, while maintaining or decreasing both cost in retail to both the consumer and dealer,” Ely said.

Last year NiteRider had the MiNewt 200 ($199). For 2011 NiteRider is incorporating a quad multi-chip LED that now has 350 lumens, while the retail stays the same. “It’s like putting a V-8 into a Miata,” Ely said.

The dual version of the MiNewt (700 lumens) gets a facelift as well. “In the past the two headlamps have been hardwired together,” Ely said. “This year we’ve created a splitter cable, allowing you to use it as just a single. It gives you that flexibility of using it as a single or dual system.” Retail is $299.

All new product will be hitting retail by the end of July.

—Jason Norman

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