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Richard Sachs photo book now available

Published February 13, 2012

CONCORD, NH (BRAIN) Feb 13, 11:00 MT—Richard Sachs — bicycle maker is a new photo book focused on Massachusetts-based frame builder Richard Sachs.

"Imagine a life spying on Richard Sachs as he lives bicycle making. I let the photographs do the talking and the viewer to tell the story. The book has few words yet many nuances to keeps the viewer engaged and looking for the next visual treat," said author Nick Czerula.

Included are over 100 pages and 120 images of Richard making frames, designing them, assembling them into finished bicycles, as well as racing them all fall.

Bulk discounts for retailers are available. Contact the publisher through the book's website.

Czerula is a professional cameraman who works as a photographer/editor in the automotive industry. He also races bicycles year round. This project consumed nearly two years of his life.

Photos courtesy Nick Czerula

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