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Campagnolo offers streamlined EPS battery

Published August 26, 2013
A prototype of the new battery at Eurobike Tuesday. BRAIN photo.

FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, Germany (BRAIN) — Campagnolo is introducing a new, more streamlined version of the battery used with its EPS electronic groups.

The EPS V2 Power Unit is a cylinder-shaped battery that can be placed inside a bike's frametubes or externally, on the left chainstay. The 12 volt lithium ion battery and electronics are sealed and enclosed in a shock-resistant casing for protection from the elements and vibrations. Campy says the new unit is more reliable, more aerodynamic, better protected and lighter than its previous battery options.

A Campy spokesman at the Eurobike Demo Day Tuesday said the new battery will be compatible with previous EPS groups, but will require a new version of the EPS interface unit as well. He said the new battery is 50 grams lighter than the previous version, but requires recharging slightly more often.


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