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Osmo launches nutrition products for women

Published September 12, 2013

FAIRFAX, CA (BRAIN) — Osmo Nutrition has launched three new hydration and recovery products formulated to meet women’s performance needs. Osmo co-founder and chief research officer Dr. Stacy Sims developed the products to help female athletes improve power output and endurance, avoid premenstrual performance decline and optimize training adaptations. 

“Women are not small men,” said Dr. Sims. “The estrogen and progesterone in our bodies impacts our performance as athletes. Osmo for Women products are based on findings that other scientists and I have published in peer-reviewed journals to address these effects. Female athletes often blame their fitness (for poor performance) but it’s really their physiology.” 

Products in the Osmo for Women line include:

PreLoad Hydration for Women: Meant to be consumed pre-exercise, PreLoad for women was developed to counteract the known hormone-induced drop in body water. It also increases power and endurance, and helps reduce muscle fatigue. Amino acids work alongside sodium to expand total body water, reduce central nervous system fatigue and dampen the breakdown effects of progesterone. 

Active Hydration for Women: This during-exercise powdered drink mix was formulated to increase power output, improve endurance and avoid premenstrual performance decline. With an optimized ratio of glucose to sucrose and greater sodium and potassium levels per serving, it helps to offset reduced plasma volume and higher sodium losses that women experience.

Acute Recovery for Women: Post-exercise, this drink mix helps shift the woman’s metabolism into recovery mode, promote muscle repair and speed glycogen restoration. Slow and fast releases of high protein hits shut down the breakdown effects of exercise and progesterone. 

Osmo Nutrition will be at Interbike (booth L15-16) with samples and at the OutDoor Demo (booths D2074 and D2008) to try on the bike .


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