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Stages update adds high-speed analysis and pedaling smoothness features

Published December 17, 2013
A screenshot of the Stages iOS app's high-speed data page.

BOULDER, CO (BRAIN) — Power meter maker Stages Cycling has updated its mobile app and the firmware on its crankarm-based power meter to add new features.

The features include a high-speed data analysis tool that could be useful for BMX racers and track sprinters who want to look at a very small sample of pedal stroke data. The meter, located on the left crank arm, records force and torque data 64 times per second. The data is sent via Bluetooth to the iOS app, which can then email the data in a .csv file.

Stages also added pedal smoothness and torque efficiency data gathering, which can be used with Garmin's 510 and 810 cycling computer models. 

Stages also added battery level features to its iOS mobile app. When the app is connected via the Bluetooth LE wireless system, it will show the power meter's battery level; when connected via the ANT+ wireless system, the app will present a low battery warning when there is about 10 hours of battery life remaining. 

The app also now has a Fahrenheit/Celsius toggle to use during device calibration and a "Tools Page" that shows the meter's calibration data and other settings.

The app update is being pushed out via Apple's App Store update system. The firmware update can be pushed from the Stages app to the power meter via Bluetooth LE.

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