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Retroshift rebrands as Gevenalle, grows product line

Published May 13, 2014
The CX1 and CX2 levers feature Retroshift-style mechanical shifting combined with TRX hydraulic brakes.

PORTLAND, Ore. (BRAIN) — Cyclocross brand Retroshift has rebranded as Gevenalle and is expanding its line of components, including new hydraulic shift levers and cassette adapters designed for use in mud and dirt. The new name is derived from a pair of Dutch words and translates to “Give All.”

“Gevenalle products are the result of a love for cyclocross and desire to offer innovative and problem-solving solutions for the sport that road components don’t quite meet,” said company founder Adam Clement, who launched Retroshift in 2011. “Our products are geared toward the ’cross racer looking to improve his/her performance with race parts built to better meet their requirements. We are offering affordable aftermarket components that better meet the requirements of the muddy carnage we call cyclocross.”

The new CX1 and CX2 hydraulic shift levers will retail for $399 and $449 a pair, respectively, complete with modified TRP Hylex calipers and rotors in 140 or 160 millimeters. The CX1 covers single-chainring drivetrains while the CX2 provides front and rear shifting. They’re Shimano road compatible for 9, 10 and 11 speeds.

Gevenalle is also launching the HOUP (Halo of Ultimate Protection) cassette adapter, designed to provide more clearance between the rear spokes and derailleur to guard against throwing the derailleur into the spokes. Users remove their 11-tooth cog and insert the laser-engraved spacer behind the cassette to gain the added clearance. HOUP includes an aluminum lockring and retails for $20.

It can also be combined with Gevenalle’s titanium 21-24-27T spider for a lightweight cassette upgrade. The spider/HOUP combo retails for $85.

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