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Stages Cycling offers Android app for its power meters

Published July 1, 2014
Screenshot of the app's zero-reset page.

BOULDER, Colo. (BRAIN) — Stages Cycling is now offering its first app for Android devices, for use with its Stages power meter.

The free app is now available on the Google Play store. The company said the Android app offers the majority of the features of its iOS app and will run on devices using the Android 4.4 operating system and newer.

"Developing the Stages Power application for Android was challenging compared to our iOS App," said Andy Lull, Stages Cycling's product development director. "With multiple hardware manufacturers and subtle variations of the operating system spread between both manufacturers and data carriers the testing phase was tedious. Of course, we had to make sure it works as it will be expected to, across all options."

Stages tested the app with a real-world beta test with help from the brand's Facebook followers.

"By all measures our beta test of our Stages Power Android App was a success and drove us to Android 4.4 as our base compatibility OS," said Matt Pacocha, Stages Cycling marketing manager. "It was super fun, and very meaningful, to be able to work with riders — our direct customers — in the field during the final stages of our app development. It's something that we'll surely do again in the future, should a project have a need."

The app allows riders with Android phones to connect to their Stages Power meters using their compatible phone's Bluetooth wireless system. Once connected the App will display power and cadence, allow the rider to zero reset the power meter and read the device info if there is a need for customer support.

The app also can update the power meter's firmware in the field.

The Android app lacks the iOS app's high-speed data capture feature, but Stages Cycling plans to include it in an update.

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