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Baron Biosystems introduces suite of apps for Garmin bike computers

Published April 19, 2016

TORONTO (BRAIN) — Baron Biosystems has released three new apps that work with some Garmin bike computers through Garmin's Connect IQ store. 

The three apps work with Garmin's Edge 520, Edge 1000 and Edge Explore 1000.

The three are:

  • The Xert MPA and Power app, which displays Maximal Power Available, a metric that Baron has pioneered that is an interactive measure of the maximal power an athlete has second-by-second. In addition, power is displayed beside MPA and is color-coded to provide feedback on how close the athlete is to achieving a new fitness breakthrough by exceeding MPA. The app rewards the athlete with a performance medal when a fitness breakthrough is achieved.
  • The Xert Fat and Carbs app displays fat and carbohydrate usage, color-coded to indicate when rates are maximal.
  • The Xert Time to Exhaustion app displays how much time athletes have before reaching their limits. The app is configurable in a variety of ways and leverages Baron's proprietary models. The app also displays time-to-recovery, providing athletes feedback on how long they need to rest before they are recovered.

Each app leverages the athlete's Fitness Signature, which defines the athlete's individual performance limits. "Instead of using standard fitness tests such as the 20-minute FTP test, we determine your Fitness Signature — a collection of fitness information gleaned from regular workouts.

"Fitness Signatures are the foundation of Xert's model," said Baron's founder, Armando Mastracci. "When we know an athlete's Fitness Signature, we know all about their strengths and weaknesses. We can then use this in fine-tuning workouts and in real-time applications."

Users must create an account on Baron's Xert fitness analytics platform ( to use the apps. Athletes can sign up for an Xert account for free during the beta period.

"Our company mission to give athletes new insights and inspiration through innovative performance data analysis," said Mastracci. "With our new apps we make gauging performance and recovery easier and fun. Stay tuned because we're going to be introducing a wide range of new innovative apps that will help everyone gain essential insights into their fitness and performance."

Baron Biosystems specializes in the area of exercise physiology and performance data analytics. The company has developed Xert, a fitness data management platform available on the web and mobile apps. 

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