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Feedback Sports' maintenance app now integrates with Strava

Published April 24, 2017
The Feedback app's icon.

GOLDEN, Colo. (BRAIN) — Feedback Sports has updated its bike maintenance app to integrate with the Strava app, to use mileage data from Strava to help riders plan maintenance. 

Feedback, best known for its repair stands and bike storage products, has offered the app for three years. It allows riders to log and track service, component replacements and upgrades. Previously, the app used calendar dates, instead of actual riding time, to remind riders when it was time for service or replacement. Jeff Nitta, Feedback's vice president, said users' most frequent request was to use actual riding mileage to trigger the reminders. 

"The most logical solution to this request was to make our app compatible with Strava," Nitta said.

The updated app can now remind riders to lube their chain every 100 miles, for example, or service their suspension fork after 200 miles of riding. It also can help riders measure how long their components and tires last.

Nitta said though the app is free — and mobile app development costs are not insignificant — the app helps promote the Feedback Sports brand.

"Making a profit on the app wasn’t priority. We decided that if we did it right, they (consumers) would be touching our brand more frequently," Nitta told BRAIN. "We know that our competition isn't another brand, it's people not knowing who we are are."

So far the iOS app has about 6,000 users and the Android has about a 1,000, Nitta said. Riders all over the world are using the app. 

The company said the data gathered could be useful for bike shop mechanics estimating needed service and diagnosing problems. The company plans to continue improving the app and may eventually add features to allow bike retailers to set up profiles for new bikes and alerting the owner when it's time for a tune-up. 

The app also stores the bike's serial number and photos, which could be useful if the bike is stolen. 

The updated app is now available for iOS and Android on Thursday. 

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