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Rolf Prima launches Astral brand to offer traditionally laced rims

Published November 2, 2017

EUGENE, Ore. (BRAIN) — Rolf Prima has launched sister brand Astral Cycling to manufacture traditionally laced alloy and carbon rims for consumers and wheel builders at its Oregon facility.


"When we made the investment to bring rim production to Oregon, we got immediate inquiries if we could make rims for other companies, but we were too busy building for the Rolf Prima line. Now that we have our feet under us, we are at the point where we can expand beyond making rims just for our own wheel systems," said Brian Roddy, owner of Rolf Prima and Astral Cycling.

"Over the last 20 years building Rolf Prima wheel systems we've found there to be a lot of inherent benefits with paired spokes, but we know not everyone wants a pre-built wheel system and some prefer to build it their own way. There is a lot of room in the world for quality wheels and Astral can make those wheels happen. We've already done the engineering to make great rims and now we can share those rims for all wheel builds," he added.

Astral's rims will be available in traditional lacing patterns and will come in a variety of spoke hole configurations. The entire line will also be tubeless-compatible and will include rims for most riding disciplines. Rims will be available through dealers, custom wheel builders and directly through

Rolf Prima will debut the Astral line at the Philadelphia Bike Expo this weekend.

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