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Pinarello releases e-Road bike

Published November 19, 2017

TREVISO, Italy (BRAIN) — Pinarello has released its first electric road bike, the Nytro.

"Nytro aims at a wide target, from the one that has no time to train but would never miss a weekend ride with friends, to women who would like to follow easily the men's pace, or even the ones who desire to experience cycling as a new way of life, climbing easily and going downhill safely, enjoying every single minute on the bike," the company said.

The company said its goal was to make an e-bike that weighed less than 15 kg (33 pounds) but eventually developed a bike weighing 13 kg (28.6 pounds), or 9 kg without batteries.

The frame is made with T700 High End Carbon Fiber with the same frame angles as other Pinarello road bikes and a wheelbase that is 1 percent longer and a headtube 1 cm taller.

The bike has disc brakes with 160 mm rotors and 12 mm thru axles.

The bike has an Evation by Fazua drive system that provides assistance until the bike is traveling 25 Km/h, with a maximum nominal power of 250 watts. A handlebar control has three buttons and a LED display bar, that controls the riding functions and reads riding data.

The system has a bottom bracket with a double-side torque measurement and integrated cadence sensors to allow the system to adapt real time the amount of power provided to the chain. "The result is a pedal assistance really effective but not invasive," the company said.

The system has five riding modes:

  • No Support — 0W (White): The motor support is switched off and functions as a normal road bike.
  • Breeze — up to 125W (Green): Efficient support to maximize the battery range.
  • River — up to 250W (Blue): Strong support suitable for most of scenarios.
  • Rocket — up to 400W (Pink): Maximum support for the most demanding climbs
  • Walk assistance: Helps to carry the bike to a maximum speed of 6 Km/h.

The Nytro is offered in five sizes. It will first be available in Europe, including the UK and Switzerland. It will retail for about 6,000 euros ($7,050) depending on component and wheel choice.

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