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Wahoo 'refreshes' Speedplay pedal line, teases power-meter pedal

Published March 19, 2021

ATLANTA (BRAIN) — Wahoo, which bought Speedplay in 2019, has announced a trimmed-down line of road pedals, with just five pedal models (including an upcoming power-meter pedal) and two cleats. All the new pedals and cleats are cross-compatible and compatible with previous road pedal models. 

The line includes the Speedplay COMP ($149.99),  Speedplay ZERO ($229.99), Speedplay NANO ($449.99), Speedplay AERO ($279.99), and the Wahoo POWRLINK ZERO power meter. All the models are made in Vietnam. 

The company did not release many details of the POWRLINK ZERO, which it said will be available in summer. The company said it will have a stainless steel spindle (like the ZERO model) and weigh 276 grams (compared to 222 grams for the standard Zero). It did not announce a price. The pedal's electronics are housed in a bulge next to the crank, rather than inside the spindle or the pedal body like some other power pedals. The POWRLINK, like the other redesigned Speedplays, installs with a hex wrench instead of 15mm wrench flats like previous designs.  A spokesman said the POWRLINK initially will be sold as pairs, not with a one-sided power option like Garmin's Vectors and some others.

Internal photo of the POWRLINK Zero.

All the pedals now have "triple-sealed" bearings for improved durability and no longer have a grease port. The pedal body now has metal surfaces, reducing the metal-on-plastic interface that caused wear on previous pedals. Both new cleat models have adjustable flat from 0 to 15 degrees and a design that is said to be more walkable. Both have a rubberized surface that is dimpled for aerodynamics. The rubberized surface fully covers the cleat parts for a more finished look. The cleats remain compatible with three- or four-bolt shoes.

The Wahoo POWRLINK ZERO pedal and charger.All pedal models except the POWRLINK come stock with 53mm spindles. The ZERO model also will be available with 56, 59, and 65mm stainless spindles. Pedals with the longer spindles will be available exclusively from IBDs and professional fitting businesses; they will not be available direct from Wahoo or from online vendors. The POWRLINK model will come stock with 55mm spindles.

All pedal models come with the new Standard Tension Cleat, except for the COMP model, which comes with Easy Tension Cleat, which appears to be exactly the same except for a lighter spring for easier engagement. Both cleats are compatible with all Speedplay pedal models.

In an effort to reduce SKUs, Speedplay has eliminated its Frog mountain bike and SYZR gravel pedals, as well as its "Pavé" model, designed initially for the spring classics. The company also eliminated pedal color options. The company recently did a product run of Frog cleats and parts to support customers that continue to use the model, but it has already sold out of most of the parts. 

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