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CAKE launches kids line that progresses from balance bike to electric motorcycle

Published May 3, 2022

STOCKHOLM (BRAIN) — CAKE, a Swedish electric motorcycle brand led by POC founder Stefan Ytterborn, has released a new kids product line that progresses from a balance bike to a pedal bike to a small electric offroad motorcycle.

The company calls the product line the "CAKE Kids Evolution Program."

"Learning to ride a bicycle is a must before even thinking of anything with a motor. The joy and excitement, developing skills, balance and control is the common platform, no matter where the path for kids on two wheels will take them. It's also about responsibility and anxiety, where step-by-step confidence and safety thinking, for kids and parents is key," Ytterborn, Cake's CEO, said in a statement.

The program is intended for riders from ages 2 to 8+. It starts with the Cake Ready model, a balance bike with 12-inch wheels that retails for $225. The next step is the Cake Steady model, a single-speed mountain bike ith 16-inch wheels that retails at $400. The final step is the Cake Go, an offroad electric motorcycle for ages 6 and up, retailing for $3,500.

Cake's adult model range is built around three platforms, including an offroad model, a "modular utility bike" model, and an urban commuter. Its products are sold consumer-direct via the Cake website. 

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