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Lazer's new urban helmet is made of 70% recycled materials

Published April 15, 2024

(BRAIN) — Lazer says its new Verde KineticCore helmet minimizes the use of materials, is made of 70% recycled materials by weight and is recyclable.

“We are well aware that the production of a helmet will always have an impact on the environment, but we do strive to reduce this impact. This new helmet is a step in the right direction for Lazer. Our journey on this path – will not end with Verde KinetiCore,” said Peter Duynslaeger, the commercial director Lazer, which is owned by Shimano.  

The helmet model reduces its material use by using no strap anchors, dividers, Velcro, magnets, or paint.  

A minimum of 70% of its weight is made of recycled materials, used in its outer- and inner shell, fit system, and straps. The helmet’s outer shell is made from recycled CDs.  Lazer says the new helmet is ready for a circular future because its patented EcoLoc eliminates the need for glue. Its zero-glue construction enables the user to easily disassemble the helmet at the end of its lifecycle for recycling sorting.

The helmet is completely designed and assembled in Europe. 

The Verde KinetiCore also has a built-in port for the Lazer universal LED light. "Once more allowing a complete disassembly of all waste parts (at the( end of life as opposed to built-in batteries & LEDs," the company said.

The helmet will retail for $99.99. It will be on display at the Sea Otter Classic expo this week.

The model was made for the urban commuter, with vents designed to boost ventilation without allowing rain to enter. A compatible winter kit offers increased warmth. 

Lazer’s KinetiCore technology features built-in rotational-impact protection thanks to "Controlled Crumple Zones" incorporated into the helmet. 

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