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Specialized expands battery pack recall

Published September 2, 2022

WASHINGTON (BRAIN) — Specialized Bicycle Components expanded its battery pack recall from last year for first-generation Turbo Levo and Kenevo mountain bikes manufactured between 2017-2019. The recall includes additional battery part numbers and manufacturing dates.

Specialized said that, for an estimated fewer than 15% of the battery packs, if conductive water (salt or chlorinated water) penetrates the seal around the Control Pad — like through repeated pressure-washing — and reaches a specific small area of the protection circuit board, it can trigger a short-circuit and potentially lead to fire and burn hazards.

In first-generation Levo and Kenevo bikes, the Control Pad is located on the side of the battery. If the Control Pad is not located on the side of the battery, it is not affected by this recall. 

Cyclists are being told that an authorized Specialized retailer can inspect bikes and repair the battery pack at no cost. The repair involves re-gluing the Control Pad to seal it more effectively. Specialized and retailers also will contact riders who could be affected by this recall via email and notification on the Turbo Mission Control app. 

Additional affected models that might be affected

2016-2018 LEVOLEVO FSR
2018-2021 LEVOLEVO HT

More information and instructions to determine what batteries are affected can be found here

Specialized recommend that cyclists with an affected pack to re-install but not charge until an authorized Specialized retailer has repaired it. If the battery pack has a charge level of 50% or more, as a precaution, riders are told to use the bike in dry conditions as soon as possible to reduce the charge level to less than 50%, and if possible, no lower than 20% for retailer diagnostics. Once below a 50% charge level, they are told to contact an authorized Specialized retailer to schedule the free repair.

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