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The Biking Solution Opens Retailer Doors

Published October 16, 2007

ST. LOUIS, MO (BRAIN)-The Biking Solution (TBS), the industry’s leading provider of marketing, operational, and training tools, is now offering their services to the best bike retailers in America, regardless of brand.

Since 2003, TBS has only been available to retailers who carry Giant Bicycles. Over the last four years, Giant and The Biking Solution have worked together to improve the profitability and quality of life for over 300 of Giant’s retailers. With TBS adding more talented and motivated partners to an already thriving organization, it will provide better economies of scale, improved operational buying power, and benefit the entire membership.

More importantly, services provided by TBS make the independent bicycle dealer channel that much stronger overall. Giant and TBS both know that advocacy and bike participation growth can only occur with a retail channel that is strong, vibrant and financially stable. For the greater good of the membership and the industry, Giant and TBS have decided that it is beneficial for TBS to spread its wings.

“Giant retailers will remain as the core of our dealer base and we’ll continue to work hand-in-hand to bring services to their retail network,” said Greg Brodsky, managing director of The Biking Solution. “However our larger mission is to slowly bring the services and the success to more and more retailers. That’s why we made the decision to branch out. Our recruitment goal for the year is only 100 new retailers, but we aren’t inviting everyone, we will be looking for the best in each market. Adding 100 new members would grow TBS to 400 members in 2008. We are limiting first year growth to 100, because every member relationship requires significant time to work on their unique business goals.”

The Biking Solution (TBS) is for retailers who are ready to take their businesses to the next level. Members have reported dramatic stories of lives changed for the better because of the increased profitability brought about by TBS services. On average, TBS retailers grow about 30% faster than non-TBS retailers. The Biking Solution is the industry leader at improving the profitability and quality of life for specialty bike retailers. For more information contact: TBS Member Services 1-800-450-7595, or

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