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Diamondback and Jenson team up on holiday giveaway

Published December 24, 2012
Happy kids with new bikes. Photo courtesy Jenson USA

RIVERSIDE, CA (BRAIN) — Retailer Jenson USA has teamed up with Diamondback to donate 20 BMX bicycles to school children this holiday season. The giveaway, coordinated by the East Hills Business Council of Riverside, marks the third straight year of participation for Jenson USA. It's the 11th year of the giveaway.

"Each year we try to partner with one of our vendors for this giveaway," said Jenson USA President and CEO, Mike Cachat. "We are excited to bring Diamondback on board for the 2012 edition. The gift of a bicycle means so much to these students."

"An event like this is right in our wheelhouse, and a great fit for Diamondback" says Diamondback's VP of sales, Phil Howe. "We can't pass up great opportunities to promote Diamondback at the local level. Congratulations on earning these great bikes, and we hope you enjoy the ride!"

The giveaway rewards 20 deserving students in the 4th-6th grade who have demonstrated academic achievement and improvement. A new Elementary School is selected each fall to receive the donation.


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