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NBDA launches Bikes Build ... campaign

Published September 26, 2017

LAS VEGAS (BRAIN) — The National Bicycle Dealers Association rolled out its Bikes Build ... campaign at Interbike last week. The campaign provides dealers and other NBDA partners with the assets to promote campaigns around the phrase "Bikes Build ... " The organization says the phrase can be used ahead of a variety of nouns. For example: Bikes Build Confidence! Bikes Build Community! Bikes Build Families!  

The program contains art work and guidelines for web, print or outdoor campaigns, tailored for dealers' particular markets and needs, all working off the concept that, like Lego blocks, bikes can be used to build almost anything.

The NBDA teased the Bikes Build program last year at Interbike, said NBDA's president, Todd Grant.

"Since we first pitched the campaign to the industry, I knew we had something great on our hands and while it didn't garner the initial support we had hoped it would, we also knew it would be another great tool for our members to use in their outreach efforts," Grant said.

He said that since last year's show, he has spoken to many across the industry who encouraged the NBDA to move forward with the program.

"We believe the program has a lot of legs and limitless possibilities with where and how it can be used," he said. "This can go across thousands and thousands of websites at little or no cost to members."

The program includes a selection of pre-existing creative assets that dealers can use immediately, and guidelines on how members can make the creative align with the specific nuances of their shop and customer base.

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