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BRAIN preps new destination guide on Reno-Tahoe ahead of Interbike show

Published June 15, 2018
Guide will ship with BRAIN's July 15 issue.

RENO, Nev. (BRAIN) — What are the room rates for Interbike attendees at block hotels? What does it cost to eat in Reno? What are the transportation options? How far are host hotels from the Reno-Sparks Convention Center? These and more details will be covered in BRAIN’s upcoming Destination Guide for Reno-Tahoe, which will ship with Bicycle Retailer’s July 15 issue to help retailers plan and prepare for the Interbike show this fall. The Guide will also be available as a digital edition.

BRAIN editor Lynette Carpiet recently completed a whirlwind research trip to Reno-Tahoe to prepare content and photos for the Guide, which will include detailed photos, pricing and transportation options.

“After spending three and a half days in Reno, I can confidently say that it offers more than gaming hotels, tattoo parlors, and costume and pawnshops,” said Carpiet.

LimeBike’s green and yellow bikes are sprinkled throughout Reno. In such a compact city, it’s an easy way to get around town.

“Reno is a small city with the amenities of a large city against the backdrop of the Sierra Nevada and beautiful Lake Tahoe. Reno has evolved greatly within the last handful of years. It will be refreshing to be in an outdoor-friendly city for a bike show.”

While Reno was once considered a gaming and ski destination for tourists — and for many it still is — following the Great Recession the city put much more focus on economic development. Reno has drawn major distribution centers for companies including Amazon through the years. More recently, it’s attracted tech giants such as Tesla, Panasonic, Switch, Apple and Google through aggressive tax incentives.

Along with those companies, a younger, educated demographic has moved in, pushing the city to expand not only its housing but its entertainment amenities. Entrepreneurs are opening hip bars, breweries and restaurants to suit this new influx of California transplants, and casino hotels are looking beyond slots and card tables to entertain guests, adding boccie ball courts, bowling alleys, climbing gyms, state-of-the-art arcades and fitness centers, fine dining and luxury spas.

And outside of the hip bars and restaurants and artsy building facades, Reno also offers a growing young population a wealth of outdoor adventure pursuits. Whether it’s launching a kayak or floating down the Truckee River Whitewater Park in the heart of Reno’s downtown, mountain biking on the Peavine, Galena or Ballardini Ranch trails, hitting the locals’ favorite road bike loop out to Verdi, or enjoying the many parks and lakes, there’s plenty to do outdoors in this city, which sits at an elevation of 4,500 feet — not to mention 40 minutes away in nearby Lake Tahoe and the Sierra Nevada.

It’s also a cycling-friendly destination, and attendees will be able to get around the compact city center on the newly minted LimeBike share bikes sprinkled throughout downtown Reno and the Midtown district.

The Reno-Tahoe Destination Guide will mail July 6. Advertising opportunities are still available. Companies should contact their local BRAIN advertising rep or BRAIN publisher Megan Tompkins at for rates and specs. 

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