What is mobility and why should the bike industry be paying attention?

(BRAIN) — "Mobility" is a common buzzword in the tech and transportation industries, and in the European bike industry. In the U.S. bike industry? Not so much.

In the latest Shift Up podcast, host Arleigh Greenwald explores the topic of mobility with Andy Boenau, the director of mobility strategy for the Gotcha Group, a South Carolina-based transportation company. The two discuss mobility sharing, investing in first and last mile mobility, and removing barriers from your consumer's journeys.

Boenau points out that while the bike industry and bike shop owners may have little connection with their local planning and transportation departments, policy makers still view bicycling as one of the fundamental modes of transit.

"As long as people still have legs, biking and walking are going to remain the fundamental modes," he said. He urged all industry members to get to know the policy makers for their communities and nearby campuses. "They are our allies . the bike industry and the local governments and campus administrators have the same goals in mind as far as getting more people on bikes."

Greenwald said the bike industry, including retailers, need to make their voices heard so bike remain part of the transportation plans. "If we sit on our heels in this moment and think PeopleForBikes is doing its job, we are going to be run over by scooters and others options," she said.

Boenau can be reached through his Twitter account. A free chapter of his book, Emerging Trends in Transportation Planning, is available at subscribepage.com/ETT-freechapter.


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