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CHICAGO, IL (BRAIN)—An array of legal help to challenge a New Jersey legislator’s attempt to ban quick releases in that state and a sweeping revamp of lead-limit rules for children’s products has the Bicycle Product Suppliers Association grappling with how to pay them.

MINNEAPOLIS, MN (BRAIN)—BRAIN staff and sponsors will experience the best trails and lanes in Minneapolis-St. Paul during the magazine’s Twin Cities Dealer Tour, which kicks off tomorrow.

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Congrats to Alan with Eco Velo who took the top prize for Best Overall Image (pictured) in the "Princeton Tec: Got Lights on Bikes" photo contest. For his winning submission he won a new singlespeed from SE Bikes.

For a list of the photo winners, click on link.

LAGUNA HILLS, CA (BRAIN)—Full Speed Ahead and Gravity Products will start using DSB as one of its Italian distributors starting September 1. They were using Larm.

FSA and Gravity will continue using Ciclo Promo Components, while Saim will continue Italian distribution of Vision products.

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LAKE FOREST, CA—Soon the last vestiges of GT’s Southern California heritage and existence will be gone, packed in boxes and headed for Bethel, Connecticut—headquarters of Dorel’s Cycling Sports Group.


Bicycle riding rebounded to levels not seen since the late 1990s last year as more people in the United States turned to two wheels for recreation and transportation, according to research from the National Sporting Goods Association and the Outdoor Foundation.


The recession hit consumer spending last year harder than anyone anticipated, especially car makers GM, Ford and Chrysler. But the big economic hit arrived in October, well after the bike season wound down, so the industry dodged the bullet.

CENTRAL ISLIP, NY (BRAIN)—A federal bankruptcy judge said on Thursday that he would approve a bid procedure for the auction of Iron Horse Bicycle Company on June 8, after granting the case “super priority” under the advice of a U.S. Bankruptcy Trustee.

"I am relieved that no one was hurt, but this incident reinforces the need for us to make London's roads safer for cyclists, which I am determined to do and to make London the best city for cyclists in Europe.

MINNEAPOLIS, MN (BRAIN)—Bicycle Retailer & Industry News editors will drop in on retailers in Minnapolis-St. Paul next week to find out how they are faring this season as part of the magazine’s Twin Cities Dealer Tour.

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MONTREAL, Quebec (BRAIN)—Dorel Industries executives reiterated their goal of becoming a global leader in the bicycle industry while speaking to shareholders during the company’s annual general meeting on Wednesday morning.

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This past Wednesday in celebration of Bike Month, the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia hosted the Fifth Annual Commuter Race. The race was between a bicyclist, a car driver and a transit rider. Surprise, surprise (OK, no surprise ), Fuji president Pat Cunnane won. This is the fourth year in a row he won.

BOULDER, CO (BRAIN)—Bruno Maier will join the Bikes Belong staff on June 1 as the organization's full-time membership and development director.

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OSAKA, Japan (BRAIN) — Shimano, whose overall sales fell 19 percent during the first quarter, reports that its bike business—78 percent of its total sales—fell 18 percent to $373 million (JPY 35.3 billion) from $456 million (JPY 43.3 billion) last year.

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PHILADELPHIA, PA (BRAIN)—More American customers turned to European style hybrid bikes than ever before, driving Bicycle Product Supplier Association unit shipments up 2 percent, and sales up 4 percent over the first quarter.

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BLOOMINGTON, MN (BRAIN)—Last fall, Civia unveiled its Greenlight web application.

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VANCOUVER, British Columbia (BRAIN)—Axiom Performance Gear has launched a new Web site.

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BRAIN classified sales rep Stacey Smith recently visited some of her extended family in Europe. She took some pictures in Amsterdam, where people obviously take their bicycle commuting seriously. They also take something else very seriously, but we'll just leave that up to your imagination.

"And, so I say to you as you embark on your adult life, take a moment to look back and honor your parents. Because they're the ones who paid for your education. They're the ones who stood by you the whole time. And they're the ones who you'll be moving back in with in the fall."

—Bill Maher

LINCOLN, NE (BRAIN)—Tomac Bikes bolstered its U.S. sales force with the addition of industry veteran and pro mountain and road racer Rich Weis.

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