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Exhibitors and organizers report a successful launch of the inaugural E-bike Challenge Minneapolis.

Published April 3, 2019

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MINNEAPOLIS—The E-bike Challenge Minneapolis held at the Minneapolis Convention Center last weekend was deemed a success. Also called “pedal-assist” bikes, an e-bike has a battery that allows a bicyclist to ride farther and with greater ease.

There were 2,757 attendees at the first event of its kind in the United States—from older cyclists to younger ones, experienced cyclists and novices—and more than 4,200 e-bike test rides were taken on the event’s indoor course.In comparison, the 36th-annual Interbike 2018, hosted in Reno, Nevada, had 3,800 test rides.

Attendees at E-bike Challenge Minneapolis came ready to buy e-bikes from the show floor, as well as those who purchased e-bikes from local bike shops after they left the show. It was reported that some bike shops ran out of some e-bike models.

Exhibitors who assisted attendees throughout the show also reported that those who were present to learn about e-bikes were ready to purchase them.

“We do a good amount of trade shows and demo rides, but at the E-bike Challenge Minneapolis, we were able to serve customers who were eager to buy,” said Richie Gitler, senior manager of business development for GoCycle. “It was amazing to see how this group of people is ready to become active and transport themselves through the power and wonder of the pedal-assist e-bike.”

E-bike Challenge Minneapolis will return to the Minneapolis Convention Center on March 21–22, 2020.

“As a first time event in North America this was a huge success,” said Theo Jorna, owner of Hicle, based in the Netherlands, and the promoter of E-bike Challenge Minneapolis. “We definitely capitalized on serving a new and underserved market here in Minneapolis. People want to recreate, to commute, to run errands via bicycle and the e-bicycle allows them to do all of this for the first time.”

One enthusiastic customer who was new to e-bikes said, “I was there today! One of the best experiences I ever had. I haven’t ridden in 30 years and now I have found the bike I will buy. I can’t wait! Thank you for doing this! You even convinced my husband! Shock!”

The organizers said they learned a lot from the first e-bike event held in the United States. 

“We’re going to enhance our experience in 2020 with an even greater, more experiential E-bike Challenge Minneapolis,” said Jorna. “In addition to e-bike test rides, we’re going to provide an upgraded test ride course, as well as enhanced opportunities on where to enjoy these new bikes—not only in Minnesota, but around the world. Our 2020 event will certainly be an international, must-attend event.”

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