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Bike Fixation rebranded Saris Infrastructure

Published May 1, 2019

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MADISON, WI – Over the last 40 years, Saris has become a cycling brand recognized the world over, thanks to its commitment to best-in-class products, bicycle advocacy and American manufacturing. Through its products, business approach and advocacy, Saris has demonstrated dedication to the power of the bicycle again and again. Today its line of Bike Fixation-branded bicycle infrastructure products don a new name, Saris Infrastructure.

Saris has been manufacturing infrastructure products since the 1970s. When Sara and Chris Fortune first purchased the business and gave the company its unique name (Sara + Chris = Saris), they absorbed the infrastructure category and in doing so, breathed life into Saris' passion for cycling advocacy. As a company deeply dedicated to safer, better cycling, it was fortuitous to cross paths with another like-minded Midwest manufacturer. Saris found a kindred spirit in Minneapolis-based Bike Fixation, and it was a natural fit when it joined the Saris tribe in late 2016.

Today the journey continues as all formerly known Bike Fixation products become Saris Infrastructure.

"At Saris, the word 'infrastructure' takes on multiple meanings," Director of Saris Infrastructure, Mike Basarich, said. "It means networks of protected lanes across the globe, protection of the bike itself from theft and clutter, as well as supporting the people and organizations dedicated to the transformative power of the bike. To us, infrastructure encapsulates all of that and is bound together with a framework by which people can participate in and experience the joy of riding the bike."

Saris has made a name for themselves as unwavering ambassadors of safer, better, more enjoyable riding. This commitment to cyclists radiates through the products that leave their doors. From creating safe spaces to ride with Wave Delineators to safe and accessible commercial bike parking products, including lift-assist two-tier racks and secure bike docks, to products that make cycling easier and more enjoyable – the bicycle is at the heart of everything they dream, design and do.

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