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Memphis Bicycle Shop Expanding Offerings With E-Bike Demo's

Published September 30, 2019

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Electric Bikes: The New Solution to Memphis Traffic

 Memphis, TN: There’s a new way to avoid Memphis traffic, and that’s by skipping it altogether. Clark Butcher, owner of Victory Bicycle Studio, has recognized the problems of Memphis traffic and parking congestion and developed an Electric Bike Demo Program to introduce another option or escape for motorists. “The world of electric bikes has blown up. The technology has gotten so much better in the past few years. It’s faster, more efficient, and more affordable, which makes it a great option for commuters and people looking to use their cars less” Butcher said. 

 Electric Bikes, or E-Bikes, have a range of 35-60 miles on a single charge, which is enough to get most people to work or a local restaurant and back home. “Imagine not having to hunt for a parking place at Overton Square on a Friday night, or cruising past the line of stopped traffic on your way home from work,” Butcher said. 

E-bikes will run for two to four hours, depending on the model, can charge your phone or other devices while you ride, and come with a cable to charge at any standard wall outlet. If you’re looking for a more eco-friendly solution to your normal daily driver, e-bikes will let you breathe a whole lot easier with their zero-emission output. 

 The Electric Bike Demo Program at Victory Bicycle Studio is designed to offer riders a testing phase to see if it’s the right solution for them. “We understand that buying an e-bike is a significant investment,” Butcher said, “So we wanted to offer a way to really try it. Make sure it fits at your office and goes where you want to go.” The Victory demo program lets you try it out for a 3-day period for $200. If you decide you like it, and purchase one within 30 days of the demo, your $200 goes towards the purchase. Victory also offers financing up to one year with no payments or interest. 

 Victory Bicycle Studio is located at 2549 Broad Avenue. For more information email or call 901.746.8466.


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