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New Velotooler Service Connects Bike Brands With Customers, Retailers, Service Providers

Published July 13, 2020

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Hamden, Connecticut, July 13th. Now bike brands can create a free branded Velotooler page that allows consumers to schedule and purchase assembly, maintenance, warranty or other services, either within the Velotooler marketplace or directly from the brand's site.

The free page gives brands an opportunity to provide a full range of service options as part of their product offering. Scheduling can be done by the bike brand as part of a sale, or by the consumer requesting service. Brand pages can be customized with brand colors, logo and other information, or the Velotooler page can be embedded directly into the brand's existing website with a simple cut-and-paste javascript code.

"Direct to consumer bike brands are losing sales because they have no convenient way to provide assembly or other services at time of purchase," says Velotooler founder Yahor Buben. "At the same time, the coronavirus has many bike shops backed up by weeks or even months, making it inconvenient for consumers to find service alternatives on their own."

The Velotooler solution makes it easy for bike brands to put consumers in touch with a network of professional, vetted and insured service professionals, Buben says. This is especially beneficial for D2C brands whose consumers want assembly or other services as part of their purchase. But any brand can benefit by building service options (including free assembly and check-ups) into their product offerings.

Velotooler offers a complete, integrated, end-to-end service solution, Buben explains. Brands can list their own retailers or make services available through hundreds of participating Velotooler service locations covering more than 8,000 ZIP codes.

Consumers select the service option they want and choose a participating provider from the brand's approved vendors list. The consumer then schedules the service and funds are held. The consumer's card is billed when the service is performed and the consumer signs off on the finished work.

Velotooler gets paid through a percentage of the transaction, a pre-negotiated rate, or by various other means, Buben says.

"It's a win-win-win situation," Buben says. "Bike brands, shops or service providers, and consumers all benefit. Velotooler is a last-mile solution that makes it easy for brands to sell online and for retailers to deliver essential services."

Interested bike brands, shops or service providers can learn more about the Velotooler solution on the company's website or arrange a demo by contacting

Velotooler listing for the RideItUp bike brand.

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