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Hutchinson Tires Launches US Website

Published July 14, 2020

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MONTARGIS, FRANCE, June 14th, 2020 — Hutchinson Tires (manufacturing bicycle tires since 1890) is pleased to announce they've launched a new website — — specifically tailored to the US market. The new site reflects an ongoing global rebranding effort for Hutchinson Tires.

"As we've started to gain traction as a tire brand in the United States, we felt it was time to implement a polished website - specific to the US to match the quality and experience our tires provide," said Sylvie Woroniecki, Marketing Manager for Hutchinson Tires. "With so many choices of tires in the market, it's imperative to provide the content consumers demand to make informed purchasing decisions as well as showcasing what sets us apart as a brand. This is just one stage of Hutchinson's current international rebranding effort. And we're immensely pleased with the result.

The Hutchinson US website features a clean, crisp user-interface and current in-stock updates from the US distributor, Todson USA. JC Agudelo, Marketing Director for Todson elaborated, "Customer expectations have changed over the years. It's not enough to have a quality product - even one from a brand rich in industry history (such as Hutchinson tires). We know that it's crucial for brands to put their best foot forward when it comes to a digital experience for the consumer. We worked with Hutchinson and Thorpe Marketing to create a website that would reflect the brand, optimize the consumer experience, and also be a trusted source of information for our dealers, distributors, shop employees and media alike."

Hutchinson recently released two new products in 2020 — the Kraken XC tire and the Touareg (a fresh, fast addition to their gravel/cyclocross range). "The 2020 product launches were a strong motivator for our team to complete the new website. The next step will be offering an Affiliate Commerce program for the Todson brands to media and outdoor/cycling publications," added Agudelo.

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