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FSA is in the Microspline game

Published September 2, 2020

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FSA is in the Microspline Game! If you want to upgrade your SMN 12 speed shifting on your FSA wheels we have just the solution for that!

This MS freehub has 6 pawls, and 54 points of engagement snapping you out of corners with the best of them! Hammer on those pedals with 12 speed! At the moment the MicroSpline freehub is available for FSA top of the line wheels including K-Force WideR25, SL-K WideR25, Gradient WideR29 and Afterburner WideR27 with Boost Hubs.

Hit the lowest of the low gears for those intense climbsor shift down and snap out of corners with immediate power from our signature 6 pawl system. Ridden by some of FSA's top pro's the Microspline freehub is an excellent choice to update your MTB.

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