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Delta launches new accessories collection

Published January 28, 2021

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Randolph, Mass - The 2020 pandemic-driven "Bike Boom" continues to offer a healthy hobby for families and individuals worldwide. As new and experienced riders set out on longer adventures, many are looking to accessorize their bikes to enhance their safety and fun while riding.

Delta's new accessories, including composite bottle cages, mirrors and bells, provide the perfect solution for a bike that feels incomplete or lacking that added sense of security. The delta brand you trust, now offers a wider selection of bicycle products to suit your needs.

Delta's assortment of mirror styles are suited for every cyclist. No matter where you're riding, a clear, durable mirror will provide safety and peace of mind while on the road. Enhance your own safety as well as that of other road users, with increased visibility. Just as mirrors are essential in your cars, mirrors are equally important for a safe bike ride.

A good, clear bike bell can make the difference between safety and danger. Delta's assortment of sizes and styles are suited for every cyclist. Cut through traffic noise and make yourself known on the road or trail while protecting yourself from the risk of auto and pedestrian accidents. Our bells go beyond strict safety and functionality, bringing personality and character to each rider.

Delta's new bottle cage assortment includes the Carbylon; at only 14gms it is one of the lightest in the world and is easily the best value for a lightweight carbon composite cage. Stay hydrated and save weight with delta.

Starting at only $5.99, our collection of bottle cages, mirrors and bells provide the ideal complement to the wide variety of delta accessories that cyclists trust for unparalleled quality and performance.

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