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Molly Cameron Public Response to USA Cycling's Inclusion Conference.

Published May 13, 2021

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Today, USA Cycling announced the details of their upcoming Inclusion Conference and I would like to applaud their decision to engage the services of an LGBTQ and BIPOC led Consulting agency to guide them in planning a conference.

However, I find this whole conference problematic.  From what I can tell, there are still no LGBTQ+ cyclists involved in the representation or employed by USA Cycling or the brands and orgs scheduled to attend the September conference. DEI work is crucial, and every business, brand and organization within cycling should be doing their own internal DEI work and training for their paid staff and leadership.

An agency from outside of bicycling can not accurately speak for LGBTQ+ cyclists and their experiences. And as recent events have shown, our sports governing body is ill-equipped to speak for LGBTQ+ athletes nor those working within the bicycling industry. But that is not its role either. USAC does not represent the bicycling industry, it exists to govern the sport that is cycling.

As we, the LGBTQ+ cyclists in the industry and sport, have yet to see authentic representation or even be invited to have a seat at the table, we are in the process of creating our own national representation and voice. Pride month feels like an appropriate time to announce this organization so look for that news soon. 

We believe that USA Cycling is completely ill-equipped to act as an LGBTQ and BIPOC advocacy organization. Instead, it should be USA Cycling’s priority to focus on its own mission while hiring BIPOC and LGBTQ+ employees and training members of their staff that are not part of these marginalized communities.

The mission of USA cycling is "to develop the sport of cycling in the United States at all levels and achieve sustained international racing success.”  The organization continues to struggle to meet this core obligation to its paying consumer membership and sponsors so why would we entrust them to also act as an industry representative?

For the past 20 years, I have been vocal about my intent to improve bike racing and the industry for all people. Together, we can come up with solutions. Reading yet another tone-deaf press release, it’s clear our governing body is still not listening to us. This conference is not what the LGBTQ+ cycling community wants. It is what USAC and a few brands want. We have been telling you what we would like to see but you are still not listening. I want to make it as easy as possible for bicycling to do the right thing, and be accessible, enjoyable and profitable for all people. Uniting our LGBTQ+ voices under one organization, to be launched next month, will be a step closer in that direction. 

I look forward to working with USA Cycling, the UCI, bike race and event promoters, employers and brands as well as our fellow advocacy organizations within the bicycling industry and sport.

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