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Chamois Butt’r partners with All Bodies on Bikes co-star, Marley Blonsky

Published November 19, 2021

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Blonsky is on board to bring a no-drop shakeout ride format to Chamois Butt’r sponsored and partner events.

Pleasant Valley, MO (Nov. 15th, 2021) –  Chamois Butt’r is passionate about putting more butts on bikes. The mid-western brand’s new partnership with Marley Blonsky and All Bodies on Bikes is built to promote the idea of no-drop rides being a key to promoting both inclusivity and participation in the sport of cycling. 

For 2022 Chamois Butt’r has teamed up with Blonsky to provide twelve inclusive rides across the country featuring no-drop paces. These rides will be run at events that the brand has partnered with, including Life Time’s Unbound Gravel, SBT GRVL, Rebecca’s Private Idaho, and Life Time’s Big Sugar Gravel, as well as function as grass roots places of community that Marley will host. 

The no-drop ride designation is a way to encourage cyclists to join the group even if they're riding solo, adventuring to an event for the first time, or just want to prepare for the race by getting loose and making new friends. 

“Speaking to our ambassadors and athletes about the atmosphere at gravel events has been incredibly motivating to me,” said Steve Mathews, Chamois Butt’r founder and president. “We all just want to hear ‘yes, we recognize you and it’s okay to be here, even—we want you here.’ An open and welcoming invitation to people of all colors, shapes, sizes, ages, genders to participate is a great thing - and I’ve seen the benefits first-hand. I can’t tell you how excited we are to work with Marley to help us spread this message at all of the events we attend next year.”

“I'm stoked to announce that I've partnered up with Chamois Butt’r for our All Bodies on Bikes community rides. I've personally used their products since I started riding many years ago and love everything about them - the product, their shared community values, and their cheeky marketing keeping everyone's bits happy,” said Marley Blonsky. 

To celebrate our partnership, we’re giving you 6 chances to win some of Marley’s favorite riding must-haves. You can find the giveaway that’s running through 11/22/21on Marley’s Instagram Post here

Since the Chamois Butt’r no-drop ride comes as a shakeout  prior to these high profile events’ massive tests of endurance and ability, even experienced riders can enjoy them. The main difference at a no-drop ride, when compared to a normal group ride, is that Chamois Butt’r appoints a dedicated no-drop pace leader and sweeper to ensure that no one gets left behind if they're slower than the lead group. 

All Bodies on Bikes will post upcoming events here throughout the year. If you can’t join Chamois Butt’r on a 2022 no-drop ride, but want to learn best practices for your own no-drop ride, you’ll find tips to make your rides more inclusive to all, as written by Chamois Butt’r ambassador Marley Blonsky on the Chamois Butt’r blog.

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