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The Feed Sponsors Elite Athletes Across Multiple Disciplines Forming the Company’s First ‘High Performance Team.’

Published January 1, 2022

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 Sports Nutrition company, The Feed, sponsors the biggest names in Cycling, Running, Triathlon, Skimo and Sailing with the vision to encourage more participation and inclusion in endurance sports.  

Broomfield, Colo., January 8, 2022 / Bicycle Retailer & Industry News -- The Feed, the largest online sports nutrition company, is kicking off the 2022 race season with the biggest names in endurance sports. A collective of athletes will be sponsored by The Feed, with the mission to build a community where top athletes become the everyday health enthusiasts’ “teammates.” This is an opportunity to learn from best-in-class athletes across a variety of disciplines on their training, nutrition, racing, and recovery in order to have meaningful gains in their performance.

CEO of the Feed and former US Ski Team Head Coach, Brandon Dyksterhouse,

We see this as an opportunity for everyday athletes to embrace the sport like never before, one example of this is LIFE TIME® recent announcement of The Grand Prix Series. This 6-race series runs from April to October and features the following events: Sea Otter Classic, UNBOUND Gravel, Crusher in the Tushar, Chequamegon 40, Leadville Trail 100 MTB, and Big Sugar NWA.

The Grand Prix is a big deal for our team and the sport in general. Now with the advent of gravel biking in the United States, we are experiencing a shift from European dominance in the cycling world. The US has claimed ownership of gravel biking as a discipline. Part of that exciting transition is the inclusion of the community. Athletes will share in the start line jitters on race day with the professionals. Your weekend warrior has the opportunity to ask Moriah Wilson about her nutrition plan for the event or pedal (as best they can) next to Pete Stetina. If your bike gets a flat at mile 85, Sarah Sturm could be throwing you a new tube. The Grand Prix is about community and we are excited to amplify the inclusionary aspect of this sport and honored to work with athletes who support their community in the same way.”

The Feed’s Sponsored High Performance Team:

  • ❖  Alexey Vermeulen: Discipline: MTB, Gravel, Road Instagram: @alexeyvermeulen

  • ❖  Ben Bardwell: Discipline: USA Sail GP, Gravel, MTB Instagram: @ben_bardwell

  • ❖  Ben Bravman: Discipline: MTB, Gravel, Cyclocross Instagram: @b__e__n__j

  • ❖  Chirine Njeim: Discipline: Marathons, Alpine Ski Instagram: @chirine.njeim

  • ❖  Cole Paton: Discipline: Gravel, MTB Instagram: @colepaton

  • ❖  Craig Alexander: Discipline: Triathlon, Professional Coach Instagram: @josiahmiddaugh

  • ❖  Eli Kranefuss: Discipline: Gravel, MTB Instagram: @elikranefuss

  • ❖  Hannah Finchamp: Discipline: Gravel, MTB Instagram: @hannah_finchamp

  • ❖  Hannah Shell: Discipline: Road, Gravel, MTB Instagram: @hannahgshell

  • ❖  Hillary Allen: Discipline: Ultra Running, Gravel Instagram: @hillygoat_climbs

  • ❖  Jake Magee: Discipline: Road, Gravel Instagram: @iamjakemagee

  • ❖  John Gaston: Discipline: Skimo, Mountain Running, MTB Instagram: @john_gaston1

  • ❖  Josiah Middaugh: Discipline: Xterra, MTB, Running. Instagram: @josiahmiddaugh

  • ❖  Kristin Weber: Discipline: Cyclocross, Gravel Instagram: @weberkristin

  • ❖  Luis Orta: Discipline: Marathoner, Professional Coach Instagram: @ortaluis15

  • ❖  Melisa Rollins: Discipline: Cyclocross, Gravel, MTB Instagram: @melisa_rollins

  • ❖  Moriah Wilson: Discipline: MTB, Gravel

  • ❖  Pete Stetina: Discipline: Gravel, MTB Instagram: @pstetina

  • ❖  Rose Grant: Discipline: Gravel, MTB Instagram: @rosekgrant

  • ❖  Sarah Sturm: Discipline: Cyclocross, Gravel, MTB Instagram: @sarah_sturmy

  • ❖  Savilia Blunk: Discipline: Gravel, MTB Instagram: @saviliablunk

  • ❖  Sofia Waite: Discipline: MTB Instagram: @sofiawaite

  • ❖  True Bennett: Discipline: MTB, Nordic, Running Instagram: @truebennettshreds

    Visit The Feed’s website or @thefeedme to learn the latest. If you are interested in partnering with the Feed High Performance Team please contact

    About The Feed

    A team of passionate athletes based in Broomfield, Colorado, dedicated to improving your performance around training, nutrition and recovery.

    The Feed understands that improving your nutrition is one of the quickest ways to see gains in your performance. @thefeedme

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