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The Saris Foundation Awards A Grant To A Bikepark Project In Purcellville, Virginia

Published April 11, 2022

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 Madison, WI – April 8, 2022 – The Saris Foundation, Inc. is pleased to announce the selection of a bikepark project site for the first ever Saris Bike Park for Kids Foundation grant award. The Saris Foundation believes that bikeparks are holistic in nature - born out of the ethos that cycling should be inclusive and riding bikes builds resilience and self-confidence. 

 The goal of the grant is to fund bikepark projects for kids in communities that are historically excluded and underserved. This grant is anchored in three core areas:

  • Service: This grant aims to serve middle-school aged youth to young adults who may come from low to moderate income households. 
  • Accessibility: Bikeparks and other public spaces should be accessible. We hope to decrease the gap and bring communities together equitably through inviting, outdoor spaces like bikeparks. We support projects that are easy to get to for kids and families and are
    free to the public.
  • Programming: Program planning rooted in the community that will engage kids, teens, and families is pivotal to impacting the community in a meaningful way with a bikepark. Programming will help everyone feel invited and welcomed at the bikepark at every skill level, any age and intersection.

The following project have been selected to receive a grant:

Project: Adam’s Bikepark in Purcellville, Virginia
Award Recipient: Michelle Caudwill in partnership with the town of Purcellville, VA
Grant Amount: $15,000

 “We are working hard to make “Adam’s Bike Park” a dream come true in honor and memory of my son, Adam Caudill, whose life tragically ended at the age 15. Adam loved riding his bike!  “Adam’s Bike Park” will create a facility for kids to enjoy for years to come. This will be a place where neighborhoods can gather and new friendships will form. Thank you to the Saris Foundation for granting us the final funding needed to bring this bikepark home to the kids of Purcellville.”

– Michelle Caudill

 To find out more information about our grant program, learn about in-progress projects and download an informative bikepark project guidebook, please visit


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