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Sizing matters - Accell relies on Smartfit

Published May 12, 2022

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Market-leading Online Sizing tool continues to gain momentum

Freiburg, May 2022: With the Accell Group, another big player relies on the e-commerce tool of the sizing specialists from the Black Forest in Germany. Currently, the major Accell brands Winora, Ghost, Haibike and Raleigh are already equipped with the intuitive solution of the Freiburg-based company. Other brands from the portfolio will follow in the coming weeks. Smartfit underlines its leading role in the field of online frame size advice.

"We are number 1 worldwide in the digital bike sizing sector. Our Smartfit Online Sizing is so successful because it is quick and intuitive to use, offers a clear recommendation and can be easily integrated into any online environment," says Smartfit CEO Björn Stapelfeldt, "But not only that, it is so precise because we put enormous data effort in the background. Every sizing is always individual and model-specific. Our databases are constantly updated and continuously optimized with our experience and AI."

How Smartfit Online Sizing works?

End customers can enter their body data (height, inside leg length, arm length) on the bikemodel page. Leg and arm length do not have to be entered; Smartfit provides reliable average values from millions of body measurement data. For each sizing request, the online sizing tool calculates an optimal match between this individual body data and the actual model geometry. The Smartfit algorithms work on the basis of 40 individual body and bicycle geometry factors to always deliver the optimal digital advice. The result is a clear recommendation for the optimal frame size in the corresponding manufacturer nomenclature.

If the matching size is sold out in the store, Smartfit's Recommendation Engine offers all matching and available alternatives from the shopping feed directly in the widget with only one click.

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