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Project Bike Tech Names Mike Lowe Director of Operations

Published June 16, 2022

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To fulfill a need for more logistics and overall support spurred by its continuing expansion, Project Bike Tech, the first high school bicycle education program of its kind, is naming Mike Lowe as its new Director of Operations.

 “I am delighted to join the Project Bike Tech team in a more formalized role,” said Mr. Lowe. “I am thrilled to help expand the program and get kids excited about education through bike mechanics. I feel at home working for this program.”

 Mr. Lowe, who has worked for the last couple of years as a contractor for Project Bike Tech, brings a breadth of experience to his new role. He grew up on the eastern shore of Maryland and started riding bikes at an early age. After high school, Lowe attended the United States Naval Academy, majored in economics and went on to serve in the military for over 20 years. He retired from the Navy in 2017 as a commander. Upon retirement, Lowe began a second career in education, working at several independent schools in New England, including Lyndon Institute, where Lowe implemented a Project Bike Tech class and went on to be their Chief Operating Officer. When PBT found themselves in need of a new Director of Operations, Mike was the first one on the list.

 “We’ve been working with Mike for a while now, in his capacity as a contractor, and I’m delighted that he’s coming on board full time with us,” said Project Bike Tech Executive Director Mercedes Ross. “Mike has a wealth of experience in education and leadership and a passion for bikes and helping kids, which is exactly what the role of Director of Operations needs.”

 The director of operations’ primary responsibility is maintaining relationships with current schools by providing teachers and principals with around-the-clock support. The DO ensures all curricula being used is up to date and reflects the latest industry trends and that teachers have the aids necessary to be successful in the classroom. Additionally, the Director of Operations makes sure new school labs are set up correctly to be efficient and effective. Other responsibilities include collaboration with all marketing efforts, bringing on new partnerships, developing new class materials, supporting special requests, training new and current teachers, and supporting Board of Trustee operational reporting requirements. 

 Mr. Lowe will hit the ground running because after adding eight new classrooms for the 2021–22 school year—four of them in new states: Pennsylvania, New Mexico, West Virginia and Florida—PBT anticipates similar expansion for 2022–2023.



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