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3T Italian Carbon Factory Replaces Pre-Orders With Just-In-Time Delivery

Published June 16, 2023

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Game changer: Key dealers can now reserve 5,000 production slots for 2024

3T, the Italian premium gravel and road bike brand is introducing a totally unique concept for dealers to order bikes for 2024. Dealers do not need to pre-order bikes in advance any longer, but can reserve production capacity and make last minute decisions on model, size, color and spec.

'Pre-season programs haven't worked for retailers for a long time. Long lead times combined with uncertain demand creates overstock, discounting and cash flow challenges throughout the entire industry. 3T in-house carbon production offers the retailer maximum flexibility. Says Rene Wiertz, CEO at 3T: "Overstock, missed sales and margin-eroding discounts are history".

With the new program, retailers are no longer required to pre-order 3T's Made-in-Italy models and guess the exact specification and color long in advance. Instead, dealers can reserve production capacity for the next 12 months, and can take the final decision on which model, color, size and specification they like to receive 6 weeks before delivery.

'This is the great advantage of our filament winding + RTM technology', adds Gerard Vroomen, 3T Head of Design. 'Because we store the raw materials of fibers and resins at the factory, it doesn't matter to us if the retailer decides at the last moment to change a Strada into a Racemax. We change the winder program, change the filament spools and plug in a different mold.'

'This is the reason why we invested last November in 3T', says Luca Mongodi, partner at U turn investments. '3T is changing the game of the bike industry, and we are happy to be able to accelerate this fundamental change with our investment in the in-house carbon factory and bike assembly and creating sustainable jobs in Italy'.

3T's new production slot reservation program is valid for all bikes made in Italy. All 3T models will be available in "Italia" versions by Q4 of 2023. The production capacity available for 2024 is 5,000 units, and 3T continues to expand this capacity rapidly.

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