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Beyond Lightspeed: Introducing Ikeono 2.0 for All Bike Shops

Published September 28, 2023

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DENVER, COLORADO – Ikeono, a leader in business text messaging, brings a completely new version of their text messaging portal tailored specifically for bike shops.

All bike shops can take advantage of these new features:

  • ●  Inboxes: Bike shops can now categorize customer messages into sub-inboxes like 'sales' and 'service', ensuring teams stay organized and focused.

  • ●  Facebook Messenger: Ikeono’s newly introduced 'Inbox' combines Facebook messages, text messages, and web chat into a singular space, making it easier to manage all channels in one place.

  • ●  Intuitive User Experience: With emojis directly built into the keyboard and new icons to help your team know where they’re at in a conversation at a glance, the new UI ensures fewer clicks, and faster response times.

    Ikeono has the seal of approval of 1,500 bike shops nationwide. Their feedback drives this new release and redefines customer communication.

    Now with a deeper integration with Ascend POS, Ikeono 2.0 brings conversational text messaging to all bike shops using Ascend POS:

  • ●  2-Way Texting: Send and receive messages from your business phone number and keep those text message threads forever. Boost sales and stay in touch with your riders.

  • ●  Text to Pay: A game-changer for bike shops, text to pay brings in an average of $25k per month.


● Review & NPS Automations: Ikeono’s in-house NPS tool and integration with Google Business Profiles and Facebook help bike shops manage their online reputation with automated review and NPS requests via text.

With text payments, web chat, and feedback automation, bike shops are better equipped to foster lasting relationships with their riders, and maximize every interaction with customers.

Unsolicited advice from Olympia Cycle & Ski Vernon, BC:

“I just want you to know that this tech has been amazing for us. Serviced bikes are leaving the store one day quicker. I often look at our service area and am amazed at how many hooks are available.”

Ready to start texting? BRAIN readers get an exclusive 30 day trial. No contracts, no credit card required.

Questions? Visit Ikeono’s website or reach out at

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