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Polartec Elevates Sustainable Performance with Expanded Power Shield Collaboration with Le Col

Published December 6, 2023

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Planet Earth, the Universe (November 30, 2023) - Polartec®, a Milliken & Company brand and the premium creator of innovative and more sustainable textile solutions, is pleased to announce expanded offerings of its recently debuted bio-based, plant-based, and PFAS-free Power Shield™ technology in products from UK cycling apparel brand Le Col, at market now for the 2023 winter season.

As Polartec's most advanced waterproof and breathable technology, Power Shield™ meets expedition-grade standards, boasting resilience against heavy rains and gusty winds while maintaining exceptional breathability.

Le Col has been using Polartec® fabrics in their winter products for several years to deliver industry-leading weather protection. The latest versions of the AW23 Hors Categorie Jacket, Pro Jacket, Pro All Weather Jersey and Pro All Weather Gilet benefit from ground-breaking Power Shield™ technology and have been applied to the products through the painstaking attention to detail of the Le Col research and development team.

"We couldn't be happier with the new Power Shield™ technology and the benefits it's had to our product range," says Hannah Greenshield, Product Developer at Le Col. "Not having to sacrifice performance in the pursuit of more sustainable products is a fantastic result."

To come up with a breathable and waterproof membrane that was plant-based and PFAS-free was a big challenge for the scientists at Polartec®. What they came up with is a new system that uses molecular diffusion, rather than micropores, to move out water vapor while maintaining a barrier against water droplets. This type of technology isn't new, but a membrane that can layer within technical fabric and withstand stretching, washing, and the abuse of outdoor sport is totally unprecedented. In addition, because this new technology is free from micropores, it also can't clog up and lose breathing performance.

The result is Polartec's first-ever waterproof fabric to test greater than 20,000 mm in the Hydrostatic Pressure Test for Waterproofness and 20,000 g/m2/24h Moisture Vapor Transmission Rating for Breathability.
Matteo Tolio, Sales & Marketing Manager for Cycling International at Polartec® said, "We're thrilled to once again be working with Le Col and to have them as one of the first brands to utilize our new Power Shield™ technology. As a brand whose focus is so strongly on sustainable performance innovations, we're so glad to be able to live up to those high standards and support Le Col in creating industry-leading cycling apparel."

About Le Col

Le Col was born from one pro rider's push to create the best performance cycling apparel. Their founder, former GB cyclist Yanto Barker remains central to the development of Le Col kit. Putting his professional insight and hours of testing into every fine detail, it's Yanto's cycling expertise and pursuit of performance perfection that gives Le Col the leading edge. Pro-cycling experience goes into the design of every detail of their kit. Le Col has one of the widest testing and development networks in cycling, thanks to their professional teams constantly feeding back after testing, racing and winning in their kit. Although it's designed and developed in London, Le Col kit is produced in their own Italian factory in the shadow of Monte Grappa, offering unparalleled quality and performance detailing on the clothing they produce.


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