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Sendhit Revolutionizes MTB Protection, Distributed by BTI

Published June 17, 2024

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 (Alpes Maritimes, France - June 17, 2024 )- Sendhit, a leading French mountain bike parts company nestled in the heart of the Alpes Maritimes, announces a strategic partnership to bring product to the US market. Renowned as the birthplace of some of the most talented French riders, including legends like Loic Bruni, Fabien Barel, and Nicolas Vouilloz, Sendhit embodies a commitment to excellence in the world of mountain biking.

 Sendhit's product lineup includes a revolutionary DIY kit designed for repairing scratches on fork stanchions, providing riders with an affordable and practical solution to maintain their equipment investment. Complementing this are Sendhit's MTB handguards, which have garnered widespread acclaim in the MTB enduro circuit.

 With an impact-absorbing patch inside the shell, Sendhit's handguards provide unparalleled protection for riders' hands and levers, mitigating risks posed by terrain and unexpected obstacles. Nock handguards are the preferred choice of champions Jesse Melamed and Jack Moir, along with other top-tier athletes such as Martin Maes, Kasper Woolley, and Alex Rudeau.

 Emeric Lebrun, Owner of Sendhit, says of the company's recent successes, "Thanks to the visibility of our handguards on the bikes of the top riders in the UCI EDR championship, we have aroused the interest of many American mountain bikers in our product, and the feedback has been excellent. Our partnership with BTI will enable us to get closer to them and provide a better service."

 The partnership with BTI ensures that riders around the world have access to innovative products and exceptional service. "BTI quickly recognized Sendhit's Emeric Lebrun as an innovator. Products like his stanchion repair kit and premium handguards set the brand apart," said Preston Martin, BTI’s President.

 As Sendhit continues to push the boundaries of MTB protection and performance, riders can look forward to continued advancements and unrivaled support from a distributor dedicated to enhancing riders’ experience.

 For more information on Sendhit’s range of products, visit the Sendhit website.

About Sendhit

Sendhit is a French mountain bike parts company based in the Alpes Maritimes region, renowned for its innovative approach to MTB protection and performance. With a commitment to excellence and a dedication to meeting the needs of riders worldwide, Sendhit continues to push the boundaries of what's possible in the world of mountain biking.

 About BTI

Bicycle Technologies International, based in Santa Fe, NM and Reno-Sparks, NV has been a distributor of technical cycling products and accessories since 1993. Offering over 23,000+ items and nearly 400 global brands to choose from, BTI supplies bike dealers with a wide variety of components, tools and staple items necessary to successfully run a profitable independent bicycle shop. In 2021 BTI restructured as an Employee Ownership Trust giving its staff a financial stake in the success of the company. See 

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