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Mind your T's: Bike Fixtation is now Bike Fixation

Published February 15, 2017

MINNEAPOLIS (BRAIN) — Bike Fixtation, founded about six years ago as a manufacturer of public bike repair products, has tweaked the spelling and pronunciation of its name to reflect its broadened product line. The new name is Bike Fixation.

The company was acquired by Saris Cycling Group last October and remains in Minneapolis. It has expanded beyond bike repair stands and pumps, and now offers infrastructure products including a bike wash/bottle fill station, vending machines and signage, with more related products in the pipeline.

"It's a slight tweak but it opens the door to doing other things than offering a place to fix your bike," sales and marketing director Andy Lambert told BRAIN on Wednesday. "Probably about half the time people spelled it this way, anyway."

Lambert said the new name reflects the company's commitment to bikes. "It’s not a passing interest or a token appreciation, it is 100 percent a fixation."

Bike Fixation has a new website to go along with the new name:

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