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Alchemy Bicycles expands capacity and efficiencies at Denver factory

Published January 5, 2018
The Alchemy Oros.

DENVER (BRAIN) — Alchemy Bicycles has expanded production capacity at its factory, added 20 new dealers, three new international distributors and two new independent sales reps. The company also will begin shipping complete bikes for the first time.

Industry veteran Joe Stanish joined the company as COO last August and has focused on improving Alchemy's manufacturing efficiencies to meet increased demand. The company produces road and mountain bike frames made of carbon, stainless steel and titanium at the factory. 

"Alchemy is one of the few companies controlling its entire manufacturing process in one location, from making the tooling, to cutting our own titanium tubes, to painting and finishing carbon frames," Stanish said. "As a result, we can take a top to bottom approach to improvements. After only two months, we delivered all of our orders on time and are building stock of frames for peak season sales."

Stanish's focus initially was on the paint facility, which is run under the Ethic brand name but is housed within the same building as Alchemy and primarily does Alchemy frame painting. "We invested both time and money into the paint facility and immediately began seeing an almost 100 percent increase in painting capacity with a significant increase in quality," said Stanish.

"With the improvements in capacity and quality, we are now in a position to stock frames and complete bikes," said Stanish. "This means we can provide immediate delivery to our dealers."

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