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Donkey Label Skin Care now available through QBP

Published March 30, 2018

MINNEAPOLIS (BRAIN) — Donkey Label Chamois Balm and Embrocation is now distributed by QBP, the brand announced. 

Donkey Label skin care products are hand crafted from local certified organic ingredients in Viroqua, Wisconsin. The ingredient list includes olive, jojoba and avocado oils as well as lavender, eucalyptus, chamomile and other essential oils. The company notes that its ingredient list does not include water, which it says is a top ingredient in the chamois creams of almost all its competitors. The company says adding water to the product requires adding chemicals to combat mold and bacteria.

"What goes on your body goes in your body. We realized there was a need for a natural chemical-free product and when we couldn't find one, we decided to make one," said Paul Krumrich, the head donkey.

The Donkey Label skin care available through QBP includes both standard and non-tingle chamois balm and four types of embrocation ranging from cooling to medium.

"QBP is a great Minnesota company and the leader in the cycling industry, we are proud to be added along-side the other great brands that they work with and build," said Krumrich.

Donkey label is based in Minneapolis and has been designing cycling apparel and skin care since 2011.

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