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Velotooler adds mechanic-filtering features to its platform

Published April 2, 2018

HAMDEN, Conn. (BRAIN) — Velotooler has added a new feature to its peer-to-peer bike mechanic platform. Now users can filter available mechanics by whether they work independently, or as part of a mobile service operation or if they work out of a bike shop.

"We have released a powerful filter for the customers on Velotooler. This unique tool will allow customers to easily find the ideal mechanic for them to work with. When the customers enter their locations they will see mechanics who work in their area and then choose/filter the type of mechanic/business they want to work with. Anyone (customers or businesses) can filter based on our three mechanic profile options," said Yahor Buben, the company's CEO.

Buben said the feature allows companies to search for and hire mechanics directly through the Velotooler app.

"We connect directly with our business account holders immediately establishing a direct relationship with bike companies and small bike sharing companies," he said.

The mechanic profile includes certifications and any reviews from previous clients.

Velotooler also is working on customized pricing and work orders for each service provider.

Buben said Velotooler has temporarily disabled its iOS app while it adds features to its website. "The main engine of our operation has always been the website," he said. "And since most mechanics are using Android we have decided to keep only one mobile app running while going through major updates on our business account."

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