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Fritz, Townley and Hughes form 'human powered' consultancy for the micromobility industry

Published December 6, 2018

THOUSAND OAKS, Calif. (BRAIN) — Three bike industry veterans have launched a new consulting business for the emerging mobility industry.

Mike Fritz, Jay Townley and Brad Hughes have formed Human Powered Solutions LLC. 

"We have known each other since 1972, and we worked together, traveled together throughout Asia and Europe, stayed in touch over the years, and after looking carefully at the recent rapid and profound disruptions in the human-powered business, decided to form a different kind of consultancy that can make a real difference to the managers, executives and companies who engage us to help them find their way," said Fritz.

The three partners met for two days to plan the new business, Townley said. "We concluded that there is a real need for the truth and a clear view of the future based on the available facts — delivered quickly and in an actionable way so mobility industry clients can take the actions that are in their best interests. There is a lot of BS and delivery of advice consultants think clients want to hear, and we are setting out to be the change leaders in delivering the objective facts in an actionable way. We don't believe in either management by hope or denial of the facts as a strategy." 

Hughes said, "Ford's most recent acquisition highlights the importance of understanding the emergence of micromobility and the automotive component and vehicle brands setting out to manage the future of human mobility. Human Powered Solutions offers clients a current and in-depth analysis of the evolving future of micromobility and the increase in protectionist activity that is forcing rapid changes in supply chains so that strategic planning can be based on the best possible facts and an accurate assessment of what the probabilities are for the future." 

For more information, Hughes can be reached at 805-901-9772 or

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