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BMX and mountain bike innovator Dan Hanebrink dies at 80

Published January 2, 2019

BIG BEAR LAKE, Calif. (BRAIN) — Daniel Ellis Hanebrink died Saturday due to natural causes, his family announced.


Hanebrink was an innovator in BMX, downhill mountain and fat tire bikes, among other areas. 

"Dan Hanebrink was one of those 'mad scientist' types, always one to break the mold — no matter what the discipline of cycling," said USA BMX's Craig "Gork" Barrette. Hanebrink, an early racer himself, was known for his company's triple-crown forks and wild mountain bike designs with 8-inch-wide tires. His company continues to offer bikes, both pedal-powered and electric, with similar tires. Hanebrink also was a leader in developing bikes for Gravity Powered Vehicle competitions in the 1980s (see related video on YouTube). 

"He was a unique individual who left footprints throughout his life," his daughter, Jesse Hanebrink, said on Facebook. "Dad was irreplaceable in many ways and will be missed by everyone who knew and loved him. During his 80 years he was a visionary, and took on feats few would dare to venture. As his daughter I hope that he felt he had accomplished all he set out to do, as well as having a full life. Dad, we love you. I believe the journey you are on now will be far more adventurous than the life you led."



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