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New QBP program allows IBDs to sell its Whisky parts on Amazon and eBay

Published March 13, 2019

BLOOMINGTON, Minn. (BRAIN) — Quality Bicycle Products' new 3P Select program allows its bike shop customers to sell Whisky Parts Co. products on Amazon and eBay. The program makes Whisky the first QBP house brand that dealers will be allowed to sell through third-party online platforms. 

"There are 310 million people who use Amazon and 177 million on eBay, many of whom are there to purchase bicycle products. With 3P Select, our IBD partners will be there to meet them with a compelling brand and accurate listings," said Todd Cravens, QBP's vice president of business development. The program goes live next month.

Through 3P Select, QBP will manage the listings and photo assets on Amazon and provide deaers with listing collateral for eBay. Retailers will carry inventory and handle fulfillment to consumers. To participate, retailers will have to meet criteria that include stocking a specified product inventory, having a "robust" e-commerce system, and adhering to QBP's brand sales policies, including a minimum advertised price policy. 

"Platforms like Amazon and eBay aren't where every consumer shops or where every bike retailer wants to do business," Cravens said. "But for those who do, 3P Select is a powerful tool to connect them with great brands through our retail partners."

Whisky Parts Co. offers carbon wheels, rims, forks and cockpit components. Other QBP brands include Problem Solvers, Surly, Salsa, 45NRTH, Civia, All-City, Dimension, Heller, Issi, Ketl, MSW and Teravail.

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