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Latest Danny Macaskill video spurs interest in German trailer brand

Published May 29, 2019

GUNDELFINGEN, Germany (BRAIN) — Nearly every new video from Danny Macaskill is a major YouTube event. The Scottish trials rider's latest, Danny Daycare, has garnered 3.7 million views since it launched May 19. And the company that makes the one-wheeled child trailer featured in the video is seeing an uptick in web traffic and dealer inquiries.

"We have definitely seen a big spike in online traffic and inquiries both from consumers and shops interested in becoming dealers, despite the lack of branding shown in the video," Damian Bradley told BRAIN. Bradley handles communications for Tout Terrain, the German company that makes the Singletrailer, a suspension-equipped trailer that Macaskill takes on a series of wild trips in the video.

Bradley wrote a blog post describing how the deal came together. It all began in 2016 when Stu Thomson, the founder of Cut Media, bought a Singletrailer from the Elevations Cycles shop in Linlithgow, Scotland, to pull around his daughter Daisy.

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Later, after Macaskill and Thomson came up with the idea for the video, they asked Tout Terrain for a spare trailer for the filming so that they wouldn't have to stop shooting if they broke one.

"When 'Danny Mac' knocks at our door looking for some product in-kind you are only too glad to help. We all realized that this could be huge for us — what an opportunity to have a big name interested in riding with one of our flagship product!," said Bradley.

The filming took place over the course of several years and Tour Terrain eventually sent the crew five trailers. "In reality, it had been so long since production had started that we had almost run out of Singletrailers of the same colors and components," Bradley said.

"When 'Danny Mac' knocks at our door looking for some product in-kind you are only too glad to help."

Although it's featured in video from start to finish, the Tour Terrain or Singletrailer branding rarely appears.

"In truth, we never really asked to be part of the video ... it's all about the story ... and as a viewer, I have to admit I like it that way. Sure he is riding with the Singletrailer, but ultimately this is a tale about Daisy and Danny, and the simple joys of riding bikes and spending time with friends and family, which is what Tout Terrain is all about," he said.

But Bradley has been diligent about monitoring comments about the video and responding when viewers ask about the trailer.

Tour Terrain began dealer-direct sales in North America last year and has eight dealers here now. 

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