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Revonte will debut new e-bike motor at Eurobike

Published August 19, 2019

TAMPERE, Finland (BRAIN) — Revonte developed a new e-bike motor designed to be used without a derailleur and with an automatic mode option, and it will debut at Eurobike next month.

The ONE System features a single chainring and cog, and software that allows for tuning and customization options for the manufacturer and the user.

E-bike manufacturers can customize torque, response (smooth or aggressive), adaptive assistance and number of gears in semi-auto mode and ratios. Users can program profiles for riding off-road and commuting. Tuning for cadence, switching from full and semi-automatic modes and altering the functionality of controller buttons and triggers also can be done through the app.

The Class 1 motor will be sold as a drive unit only with the controller and app. It will power any type of e-bike. Traditional indexed shifting can be programed through the app.

The ONE Controller is designed to work with the motor unit and does not have a screen, allowing the rider the option to use a mobile phone. The controller body can be fitted with paddles or twist-style shifter. According to Revonte, it's "ergonomic, elegant and almost minimalist — all adjectives that reflect our design goals."

The price of the unit has not been established, but a Revonte spokesman said it will be in the same range as other well-known e-bike motor brands.

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Revonte will debut a new e-bike motor at Eurobike.
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